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Electric Cars in Leeds



Electric cars are becoming more and more popular in Leeds thanks to new technology and the promise of a cleaner greener future. At one time there was little more choice than the Toyta Prius, but these days the selection is steadily increasing with specialist manufacturers  such as Tesla and many mainstream manufacturers like BMW, Audi, Ford and many others developing their own models.

In addition to this, tech companies google and apple are hard at work developing their own electric cars with the primary focus being on driverless functionality as well as clean, efficient electric power.

Many super cars are now turning towards electric power, either as the main power source or as a hybrid solution in order to boost the BHP from the internal combustion engine.

Super car owners usually employ the services of a local valeting company in Leeds and usually want a full valet with wax and machine polishing rather than a mere wash and leather. This is because they like to keep their vehicle in immaculate condition both inside and out in order to make them presentable for car shows and maintain value.

When searching for car valeting in Leeds it is important to look for the best company in the area, as this will ensure that you end up with high quality results. You should therefore look for a valeting that uses the best equipment and products and has a good track record with lots of experience.


How to Become a Fully Qualified Plumber

To have a successful career in the plumbing industry, you need to have met specific standards and professional qualifications. A plumbing job in Harrogate entails installing, assembling and maintaining piping for various systems and thus, to make it as a qualified plumber you will need to be a hands on and practical kind of person. This is one of the most basic tips on how to become a qualified plumber.

The process of moving towards becoming a qualified plumber begins with your decision to venture in to the plumbing industry. The next part of the learning process is to go and research training and  certification from accredited institutions.

To excel in a plumbing course and carry out tasks such as repair a boiler, you need to have a good understanding of science, mathematics and engineering. To become a fully qualified plumber you must enroll in a suitable course in a college that has been accredited by the relevant authorities. In essence the certificate offered by the college has to be one recognized in the plumbing industry.

Some less reputable colleges sometimes offer compressed and intensive plumbing course that take several weeks or months. It is not advisable to seek training from this type of college as plumbing is a skilled vocation that necessitates a relatively lengthy period of time to become proficient. A  comprehensive plumbing course should at least require a minimum of 3 years.

It is important to note that to become on of the qualified Harrogate plumbers you require both theoretical and also training in the field. And so it is less advisable for you sign up for online plumbing courses that concentrate more on theory and neglect the practical aspect of plumbing. A plumbing course offered at any technical college will feature theoretical training as well as mandatory practical training sessions.

Prior to you being certified as a fully qualified plumbing professional, there are number of safety and professional standards you will have to meet. It is as a result of the critical that you make sure you understand the standards that apply in the plumbing industry. Note that these standards often differ from one regional area to another.

You can make yourself completely familiar with professional and safety procedures of being a plumber in your local town or city is by working as an apprentice. Apprenticeship is the best way to acquire practical knowledge about the plumbing industry. Additionally, since apprenticeship entails you working under the supervision and guidance of an already experienced plumber, the skills and training you eventually learn will be instrumental in your career as a qualified plumber.

Also, a variety of technical colleges are in a position to be able to give their trainees opportunities to become apprentices, but be advised that it is always considered best practice to try to find the best plumbing apprenticeship in Harrogate without this assistance. If however there are no places available locally, then you may have to look further away in the nearest city for plumbers in York or check out a website like for available opportunities.


PS4 Media Player

Below is a video of the new PS4 media player. I have to sat that this is a big disappointment as the features are still way too basic for it to be any real use for playing music. I was hoping to use the PS4 as a full media system, however the media player still lacks the ability to queue up music and store it in separate folders for easy access :-(.

This is a great shame as I had hoped to use the Playstation 4 as a complete media solution for games, music, movies and TV streaming, but instead Sony seem to be going backwards in some respects, often prioritizing things like social sharing over core features of the console.

Never mind, maybe I’ll switch to steambox instead.